New Life Puppets Inc. is an outreach ministry that delivers the gospel of Jesus Christ through the art of puppetry.  We accomplish this by performing puppet shows out in the community.  We feel that puppets are a fun, caricature of humanity, and because of that, they can present significant truths in a manner that is easily accepted.

About Us

To tell you the truth, there is nothing we would rather be doing than delivering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And to get to do it with puppets is, well...well there just aren't any words good enough to describe it with.  But just for the record... Amazing, fun, exciting, exhilarating, fulfilling, stupendous, terrific, funny, happy, goofy, silly, awesome, fantastic, thrilling...well, you get the point!

I guess the point is that we really feel blessed here at New Life Puppets Inc.  God has given us a puppet ministry.  And, to us, that really says a lot!  We get to spread the good news about God and His amazing plan of salvation to people everywhere.  And we get to do it with puppets!  It just goes to show what an amazing God we serve.  He has given us a way to deliver His Gospel and have more fun than anything while we're doing it....Praise the Lord!

Delivering the gospel of Jesus through the art of puppetry!